Silicon Anode patent landscape

Silicon Anode Materials Patent Landscape Report 2020


Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are the most widely used batteries in portable devices. But one of the leading markets for these batteries is in electric vehicles, which have not been grown sufficiently due to their low energy density. Silicon as an anode material of LIBs with high capacity can solve these challenges.

This report analyzes patents (over the last ten years) of silicon anode materials used in lithium-ion batteries to investigate their technological development trends. In this report, the previous ten years in silicon materials used in the anode of lithium-ion batteries were examined by three categories of patents. The first category is patents of large battery companies, the second category is patents of startups, and the third category contains patents of top researchers. These three categories of patents have been collected separately, and after extracting their information, they have been divided into two categories: strategic and technical analysis. The results of patent information can be used to identify companies' strategic and technological perspectives and analyze the maturity of silicon material preparation technology, compounds, and structures. In other words, everything about leading players and their approach to silicon anode technologies is available. Reading this report enables you easy to monitor the research in top laboratories in the world. Also, articles published in top journals during 2018-2021 can inform you of academic approaches in silicon anode technologies.

Report's Key Features

  • PDF with > 120 slides
  • Excel file + database > 1500 patent families and > 300 articles
  • IP trends, including time evolution of published patents and countries of patent filings.
  • IP position of key players and relative strength of their patent portfolios.
  • Current main technological approaches.
  • IP profiles of key players, including IP dynamics, legal status and geographical coverage of patents, IP strategies, key patents, and recent IP developments.


Key questions that are answered in this report

  • Who are the main players and emerging startups?
  • What is the timeline of patent registration evolutions for silicon anode materials?
  • What are the future development trend of silicon anode technology and innovative opportunities in this field?
  • Which geographical region has filed the most patents in silicon anode materials?
  • Which areas are targeted as the main assignees of silicon anode patents?
  • What are the most recent technological developments in silicon anode materials?
  • Which silicon anode compounds have the most promising performance?
  • What are the current and emerging types of silicon anode materials?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of different silicon anode materials?
  • What factors influence the choice of types of silicon materials?
  • Which are the most popular morphology, precursor, and preparation method in patents of silicon materials? And why?
  • Which are the most popular coatings and compounds in the patents of silicon anodes?
  • The leading players are looking for what physical and electrochemical properties?


Useful Excel patent database

The report also includes an Excel database with the 7000+ patent families (inventions) analyzed in this study. This valuable patent database allows for multi-criteria searches. It includes patent publication numbers, title, abstract, priority dates, citation, oldest priority date, patent assignees, family size, patent’s current legal status, and technical information. From the patents were extracted: (the name of the composition investigated, the type of coating possible, the composition structure, the raw material, the method of preparation, the challenge sought by the inventor, the improved electrochemical properties, and the application described in the patents and something like that.


Further information

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